On behalf of the Birri-Gubba Nation, and the Gia and Ngaro Elders and Traditional Owners, Wadda-moolie (Welcome). Welcome to our country: the Conway Ranges. Gia and Ngaro Traditional Owners ask that you respect our beautiful and significant places and join us in caring for Country – a place for us all to treasure and enjoy, for now and for our future generations.

Our Company’s Action to Reduce Emissions

and Promote Sustainable Business Practices

Big 4 Whitsundays Tropical Eco Resort have taken steps to tackle climate change
by reducing our carbon emissions:

  • We minimise waste, implement recycling and use recycled materials whenever possible,
  • Eco Lodges are rated 6-star energy efficient and we have installed Resort wide LED lighting,
  • We monitor our carbon emissions and carbon footprint via CCIQ ecoBiz Program participation
  • Resort activities have minimal impact and promote the unique value of our environment,
  • We are members of and fundraising for Fauna Rescue Whitsundays conservation project as well as Variety Children’s Charity,
  • We support local community fundraising events and charities
  • Big 4 Whitsundays Tropical Eco Resort have attained Eco Tourism Certification. Ecotourism Australia’s national certification program recognises businesses that demonstrate sustainable tourism best practice and are taking active steps to reduce their carbon footprint and practice sustainable tourism.

Big 4 Whitsundays Tropical Eco Resort encourage our guests to join us in:

Utilising recycling facilities at the Resort and joining us in measures to minimise energy use

Increasing environmental practices
By using energy saving appliances, low energy bulbs, reduction of waste and litter and the use of environmentally friendly detergents into daily living.

Choosing to measure and offset travel emissions
through organisations such as Carbon Neutral who provide an emissions calculator and opportunities to purchase carbon offsets. Carbon Neutral can calculate your carbon footprint consistent with the Australian National Carbon Offset Standard.

Supporting Tour Operators who have achieved the Ecotourism Certification
Certification allows travellers to Australia to identify and support operators who meet the benchmark and so ensure tourism products have minimal impact to the environment.

Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

Every year, more than one billion travellers cross international borders. Sustainable tourism can enable visitors’ actions to count and transform one billion travellers into one billion opportunities for sustainable development around the world.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

By achieving Ecotourism certification we have demonstrated that we are one of the exemplary operators in terms of ecological sustainability, natural area management and provision of quality ecotourism experiences.

Climate Change poses one of the greatest threats to our environment. Increasing temperatures, sea level rise and changes in rainfall patterns will lead to changes in habitats and the abundance, distribution and composition of native species. Climate change may also exacerbate existing pressures from weeds and introduced pest animals. Conway National Park’s size and undeveloped nature makes it a very significant wilderness area. Conway National Park is of high biological significance with twenty-three species considered significant nationally and internationally of these six species are rare or threatened and three are known only from this area. Changes to temperature will impact upon the habitat of the endangered Proserpine rock-wallabies and the leaf-tail gecko, Phyllurus ossa (a type of lizard) both of which are found only in the Conway National Park landscape and in the nearby Clarke Range.

The impacts of climate change which affect the Great Barrier Reef result from higher water temperatures and higher acidity of seawater and could have a dramatic impact on coral growth and survival with rising sea temperatures impact on the reef due to raising the risk of Coral Bleaching events occurring. The Great Barrier Reef is already experiencing the consequences of climate change most notably, two consecutive years of coral bleaching in 2016 and 2017 and a severe tropical cyclone that occurred in 2017.

Our park was severely damaged in March 2017 when cyclone Debbie had a direct hit on Airlie Beach. Losing 25% of our fauna & flora made us even more determined to re-build this beautiful park for years to come. All future plans for building within the park will ensure that no more trees will be cut down. We plan to do this in our Stage 3 project with building Tree Houses that take advantage of the beauty within our park. We are also putting in glamping tents which will enable the current gardens to florish.

Our 10 newly completed Eco Lodges feature re-cycled Bed Heads & Side Tables that were locally handcrafted by Shane Bomitali. The timber used was re-claimed from trees that fell in our park from the cyclone in 2017.

Just to name a few other initiatives that we do at BIG4 Whitsundays Tropical Eco Resort, We have 2 x Large Rain Water collection tanks that are UV Filtered for drinking & irrigation. Timer switches in communal areas. Shower gel for the accommodation is no longer in individual bottles – now in 1 litre wall mounted dispenser. Eco soap that has no wrapping & Eco Detergents for dishwashers are now used..

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New Measures Implemented - COVID-19 Update

Following the latest advice on 31st May from Queensland Health we are now OPEN for business from today 01st June 2020 to Queensland Residents.

We have implemented additional cleaning and sanitising procedures as well as Social Distancing measures in our communal facilities.

You will be required to complete a Guest Declaration.  You will also be given a COVID-19 Guest Code of Conduct.  Pre-Screening and maintaining records for contract tracing are also practised here.  We are a COVID Safe Establishment.

Please stay safe and we look forward to your return.